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The International Society for Gender Medicine (IGM)

About IGM

The International Society for Gender Medicine (IGM) is an international nonprofit organization serving as an umbrella entity for professional and national societies. Established in 2006, IGM's primary mission is to promote and advance gender medicine on a global scale. This entails fostering gender-specific research in the fields of basic sciences, clinical medicine, and public health, as well as supporting ongoing professional development, communication, and information dissemination. Over time, the society has grown in tandem with increased attention to sex and gender differences, now encompassing numerous national societies and individual members.

The Official Journal of Our Society

The Board of IGM is happy to announce that the Journal of Sex and Gender Specific Medicine (JSGSM) has been chosen as the official journal of our society. JSGSM is peer reviewed and is published four monthly.


What is Gender Medicine?

Gender Medicine (GM), also known as gender-specific medicine, addresses the biological and socio-cultural differences inherent to each individual and their impact on health and disease.


This innovative perspective holds great significance for National Health Services, marking a substantial cultural shift in patient care and presenting a new frontier in medical knowledge.

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