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About IGM

The International Society for Gender Medicine (IGM) is an international nonprofit organization serving as an umbrella entity for professional and national societies. Established in 2006, IGM's primary mission is to promote and advance gender medicine on a global scale. This entails fostering gender-specific research in the fields of basic sciences, clinical medicine, and public health, as well as supporting ongoing professional development, communication, and information dissemination. Over time, the society has grown in tandem with increased attention to sex and gender differences, now encompassing numerous national societies and individual members.


Gender medicine is founded on the understanding that individuals of different sexes may experience the same diseases differently. Disease pathophysiology can vary due to a combination of genetic, epidemiological, and biological sex/gender factors, as well as environmental influences. Consequently, diseases may manifest with distinct symptoms, respond differently to therapy, exhibit variations in tolerance and coping mechanisms, and result in different survival rates.


To accurately assess these differences and reduce healthcare inequalities, it is vital to identify opportunities for incorporating sex and gender indicators in evaluating outcomes, assessing the effectiveness of the care process, and measuring the quality of healthcare services. There is also a need to reevaluate health policies from a gender perspective.


Therefore, the society's objectives include advancing the understanding of sex/gender differences by bringing together scientists and clinicians from diverse backgrounds in national and international societies. It seeks to facilitate interdisciplinary research on sex/gender differences within both basic and clinical frameworks, promote the application of new knowledge regarding sex/gender differences to enhance health and healthcare, and advocate for gender-specific public health issues. These efforts encompass providing information for individuals, institutions, and organizations in the field of gender medicine.



Anna Maria Moretti, President:

Alessandea Carè, Treasurer:

Leeor Shachar, Secretary:

Masahiro Akishita:

Gillian Einstein:

Alexandra Kautzky-Willer:

Ineke Klinge:



Giovannella Baggio - President, Italian Research Centre for Gender Health and Medicine (Centro Studi Nazionale su Salute e Medicina di Genere), Italy

Marek Glezerman - President, The Israel Society for Gender and Sex Conscious Medicine, Israel

Marianne J Legato - President, The Foundation for Gender Specific Medicine, USA,

Kateryna Ostrovskaya - President, Ukraine Society of Gender Medicine, Ukraine,

Ute Seeland - President, German Society of Gender Medicine (DGesGM), Germany,

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