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The German Society of Gender and Sex-Specific Medicine e.V. (DGesGM®)

In 2006, leading experts in the fields of sex - and gender research and medicine founded the German Society of Gender and Sex-Specific Medicine e.V. (DGesGM®) in Berlin, Germany. The founding members represented a diverse range of medical specialties. Since then, the DGesGM has grown steadily and currently has 134 members (as of May 2024). As an interdisciplinary and interprofessional academic society, the DGesGM is proud to count professionals from diverse fields—including medicine, natural and social sciences, journalism, and politics—and individuals at various career stages—from students to retirees—among its members. Particularly noteworthy is the Young Forum (Junges Forum) DGesGM®, founded in 2023, promoting young talents.

The DGesGM is committed to advancing personalized medicine by considering the effects of sex and gender on health and disease, along with their interactions with other diversity factors such as age, race/ethnicity, cultural and religious beliefs, and sexual identity. These influences should be considered both on an individual and a societal level. Thus, the society supports research into sex and gender that aims to close the persistent gender health data gap, providing new insights into individual preventive measures that promote healthy aging and enhance the quality of medical care for all genders. Translation into clinical practice and communication to healthcare stakeholders are further fields the society supports.

All genders benefit when sex and gender differences are properly addressed, and when research, as well as preventive and therapeutic measures, are based on robust sex- and gender knowledge.

Our members are informed once a month in a newsletter about relevant topics on gender equality and sex- and gender-sensitive medicine from politics and research. The board is regularly in direct contact with its members by sending information using the email address The website ( provides permanent information about membership as well as the DGesGM and IGM activities. The "Junge Forum DGesGM" offers a social media presence ( and thus attracts a constantly growing number of interested parties.

Executive Council

  • Univ.-Prof. Ute Seeland, MD PhD - President

  • Univ.-Prof. Susanna Hofmann, MD - First Deputy President

  • Prof. Burkhard Sievers, MD - Second Deputy President

  • Ms. Helena Schluchter, MD - Treasurer

  • Dr. Astrid Bühren, MD - Assessor

  • Prof. Gabriele Kaczmarczyk, MD - Assessor

  • Jordan Preuß, student - Assessor and Representative of ‘Junges Forum’

For further details, please refer to the DGesGM website.

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