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The Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine, Inc

The Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine, Inc

The Foundation for Gender Specific Medicine (, established 26 years ago as a continuation of the foundation at the Columbia University Department of Medicine known as The Partnership for Women’s Health, continues to be led by its founder, Prof. Marianne J. Legato MD. The foundation supports various activities, including the recent launch of a new website for the International Society for of Gender Medicine (IGM), and provides fellowships to researchers at institutions such as Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and institutions in Australia and Italy.

The current focus of the foundation is on bridging advancements in space medicine with significant findings in various medical specialties on Earth. An international seminar is being organized in Florence in the Spring of 2025, supported by the Menarini Foundation in Italy, to facilitate dialogue between leading clinicians on Earth and space biomedical researchers/physicians.

In addition, the foundation is in the process of editing a new book titled "Building a Space-Faring Civilization: Advancing the Renaissance of Science, Medicine, and Human Performance in Civilian Spaceflight." Furthermore, a partnership with Elsevier has been established to edit a handbook with Dr. Michael Schmidt, providing comprehensive details on the Human Research Project for Civilians and the methodology for assessing individual civilians' suitability for space flight.

The Foundation for Gender Specific Medicine has been in close collaboration with the International Society for Gender Medicine since its inception and  continues to provide support and guidance for endeavors in organizing international meetings, research and funding.

Prof. Legato has been active board member of IGM for many years and is currently a  honorary member of the board.

Board members:

Marianne J. Legato, MD, PhD (hon.c.), FACP - President

Kirsten O. Healy, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Christiana I. Killian, Ph.D 

Dean G. Yuzek, Ph.D,  Esq

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