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Italian Study Center on Gender Health and Medicine

Italian Study Center on Gender Health and Medicine – CentRO Studi Nazionale su Salute e MedIciNa di Genere (CROSSING).

The Italian Study Centre on Gender Health and Medicine (CROSSING) is a society founded in 2009 by nine  professionals from Padua and Milan, in collaboration with the University Hospital of Padua and the Giovanni Lorenzini Foundation (Milan).

Since its inception, CROSSING has engaged numerous individuals and entities in Italy in raising awareness and knowledge of Gender Medicine through conferences, conventions, courses, meetings, and collaborations with various Italian entities and associations dedicated to this aspect of medicine. Consequently, an Italian network on gender medicine was established.

This initiative by CROSSING prompted the University of Padua to establish in 2012 the Chair of Gender Medicine, named after Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia (1646-1684), the first woman to graduate in the world. Held by Professor Giovannella Baggio, this chair was active from 2013 to 2017, until the Conference of Presidents of University Medical Schools decided at the national level to integrate gender differences into all medical school curricula. With the enactment of the Italian Law on Gender Medicine on January 11, 2018, along with subsequent implementing decrees (Plan for the application and dissemination of Gender Medicine), and the recent National Training Plan for Gender Medicine 2023, Gender Medicine has become an interdisciplinary subject in all courses of Italian Schools of Medicine and Health Professions.

CROSSING is recognized by the International Society for Gender Medicine and serves as a liaison between this international organization and all Italian entities engaged in Gender Medicine. In 2022, CROSSING organized the 10th International Congress of Gender Medicine, where representatives from all five continents participated.

Italy currently stands out as a nation with significant sensitivity, extensive information, and training activities on Gender Medicine, and it is the only nation to have legislation specifically addressing Gender Medicine.

In 2015, the Italian Journal of Gender-Specific Medicine was founded, published by Pensiero Scientifico Editore, which has since evolved into the Journal of Sex- and Gender-Specific Medicine.

The Italian Gender Medicine network provides a connection tool through a quarterly Newsletter filled with information and insights. 


In order to encourage scientific research among young researchers in gender medicine and/or pharmacology, CROSSING announces scholarships annually. Participation rates are consistently high, and the quality of projects submitted indicates Italy's strong emphasis on research in this field.

The website  offers updates on Italian and international activities related to gender-specific medicine, as well as important links to national and international institutions and journals relevant to clinical practice and research in the field of gender medicine.

Executive Council

  • Prof. Giovannella Baggio – President of CROSSING and Senior Full Professor University of Padua

  • Dr. Elena Ortona – Scientific Director, Head of the Centre for Gender Specific Medicine, Italian National Institute of Health, Rome

  • Dr. Emanuela Folco – CEO Lorenzini Foundation, Milan – New York

  • Prof. Luigia Trabace – Full Professor of Pharmacology, University of Foggia

  • Dr. Cristina Tarabbia – President of Ferrara Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA)

  • Prof. Luca Fabris – Associate Professor of Gastroenterology, University of Padua

  • Prof. Andrea Cignarella – Associate Professor of Pharmacology – University di Padua


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