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Nederlandse Vereniging Gender & Gezondheid

In recent years, there has been a growing focus on sex- and gender-related aspects of healthcare in the Netherlands, spanning research, education, and treatment. In 2016, funded by the Ministry of Health (VWS) with 12 million euro’s, the Research Programme Gender & Health was initiated, providing a platform for researchers to exchange ideas and expand their scientific endeavours in the realm of gender-sensitive healthcare. As a response to this need, the Dutch Society for Gender and Health was established in October 2017.


The society’s primary aim is to promote a sex- and gender-sensitive approach to health and disease across research, education, and clinical practices. This approach is inherently multidisciplinary and emphasizes an intersectional perspective, recognizing the interconnectedness of various factors such as gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and other dimensions of identity. By fostering better healthcare for both women and men, the society contributes to a more equitable and inclusive healthcare system in the Netherlands.


The Dutch Society for Gender and Health is actively engaged in several impactful projects. Here are some of their ongoing initiatives:


Gender-Sensitive Healthcare Research: The society collaborates with researchers across disciplines to investigate sex- and gender-related aspects of health and disease. Studies explore topics such as gender disparities in disease prevalence, treatment outcomes, and healthcare utilization.

Educational Programs: The society develops educational modules and workshops for healthcare professionals, students, and the public. These programs emphasize the importance of considering gender and intersectionality in clinical practice, research, and medical education.

Advocacy and Policy: The society advocates for policies that promote gender equity in healthcare. They engage with policymakers, healthcare institutions, and organizations to raise awareness and drive positive change.

Community Outreach: The society actively engages with communities to promote health literacy and awareness. They organize events, webinars, and campaigns to empower individuals with knowledge about gender-sensitive healthcare.

Collaborations with International Partners: The society collaborates with similar organizations worldwide to share best practices, research findings, and strategies for advancing gender-sensitive healthcare globally.

Since its creation, the society has organised three congresses:

2018 Sex drugs & science; 2019 Sex gender and pain; painful gaps in knowledge; Report-Congress-Pain-NVGG-2019.pdf (; 2021 Midlife & Menopause

Board members Nederlandse Vereniging Gender en Gezondheid (NVG&G) Dutch Society for Gender & Health

Dr Ineke Klinge, President Dutch Society 
Gender & Health (NVG&G)


Dr. Petra Verdonk, Secretary
Amsterdam UMC locatie Vumc 

Treasurer: vacancy

Dr Irene van Valkengoed,
Amsterdam UMC - AMC
Contactperson START NVG&G ,website

Dr Jeanine Roeters van Lennep 
Erasmus UMC, Rotterdam

Drs Aletta Oosten            
Ethics of care

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